Studio Milim is a small family company with its own workshop.

We make collectible articulated dolls from resin.

We are pleased to tell a little about us to foreign collectors and people from other countries who have an interest in our dolls.

Navigation of our website is in Russian now. Although online translators can translate part of the text but they can not help with the navigation on the home page, that is why we decided to make this page to help you.

We make dolls from resin in two available sizes - 1:6 и 1:12. That is why you will see items for the two lines of dolls at the same time in each of the sections of our site, but please do not forget that these positions can not replace each other (items for 1:6 are not suitable for 1:12 dolls, items for 1:12 are not suitable for 1:6 dolls).

We suggest you to start acquaintance with our dolls from the section "Тело" (Body).

In this section you can see nude bodies and poses that are possible to do with them.

We also want to show you the colors of our dolls that are available for order.

From left to right: milk, cream, vanilla, fudge, caramel, latte, chocolate. Three colors on the right side will increase the cost of dolls.

Limited edition of each doll is 50 dolls worldwide (but we have a few dolls with limited edition of 100 dolls).

Terms of making a body is from 4 to 10 business days after payment. It will take longer if you want a doll with makeup and clothes.

If you want makeup for your doll's face from our artist Karina it will increase the price of the doll. Examples of works you can see in the section "Макияж" (Make up). You see just examples, but placing your order you can add your own description and specification of makeup you want to see. For example, you can specify if you want freckles, what color of eyelashes you prefer, lip color and so on.

If you need a wig, you can see the section "Парики" (Wigs). We have some models of wigs in stock. If we do not have the model you want, we can give you a link to the manufacturer's website where you can buy it.

We also have the section "Одежда" (Clothes) on our site. The situation with clothes which is available may change very quickly, sometimes we do not have in stock some clothes from our site, sometimes we have new models in stock but do not have them on our site. So all questions about the clothes should be specified in correspondence, we will be happy to advise you and choose the clothes for your doll that matches your desires.

The situation with the shoes is the same. Please ask all your questions in the correspondence.

But we have all eyes that you see on the website in the section "Глаза" (Eyes) available. Eye diameter is 8 mm, material is plastic.

Also you can find options for dolls with complete look and you can buy them if you like.

As additional accessories we also offer clear stands for dolls.

We also have the following sections on our website:

"Пресса" (Press) (information about us in newspapers or from the Internet, interviews),

"История" (History) (we have a legend about our dolls, they all live in different parts of the world but the social networks unite them),

"Процесс" (Process) (information about our technologies),

"Партнеры" (Partners) (a list of our partners with links),

"Участники студии" (Participants) (our team),

"Фэнарт" (Fan art) (creativity of our collectors),

"Контакты" (Contacts),

"Все новости" (News).

We accept payment through Paypal. Please do not be surprised if you find a little difference between the price in rubles and dollars in connection with the conversion and Paypal fees.

We can send your doll to you via any post service or courier company that works with private individuals in Russia (Russian Post, EMS and others methods which are more convenient for you).

We use Google translator for correspondence so we want to apologize for some errors and inaccuracies that may occur during translation of texts.

Thank you for your attention and interest!

Best regards,

Studio Milim